Global Peace and Social Justice

Courses 2021/2022

Term 1 – Fall 2021

PEACJUST 1VM3- Chandrima Chakraborty
PEACJUST 2B03- Alpha Abebe
PEACJUST 2C03- Iris Bruce
PEACJUST 2CS3- Aytak Akbari-Dibavar
PEACJUST 3D03- Nancy Doubleday
PEACJUST 3P03- Chandrima Chakraborty
PEACJUST 4L03- Ingrid Waldron


Term 2 – Winter 2022

PEACJUST 1A03- Aytak Akbari-Dibavar
PEACJUST 2A03- Aytak Akbari-Dibavar
PEACJUST 3P03- Chandrima Chakraborty
PEACJUST 3Y03- Ingrid Waldron
PEACJUST 4B03- Chandrima Chakraborty
PEACJUST 4ST3- Alpha Abebe

New Courses 2021/2022

PEACJUST 1A03 – Peace, Justice, Human Rights

From Black Lives Matter to #MeToo, migration crises and climate change news, this course examines values and ideologies in local and global struggles for peace, justice and human rights. Concepts such as peace, conflict, war, injustice, violence, nonviolence, and oppression, are introduced. Historical and contemporary case studies.


PEACJUST 1VM3 – Voices at Mac: Understanding our World

Innovative, multidisciplinary introduction to key issues in peace, social and global justice through perspectives of award-winning McMaster scholars and national/international visiting speakers. Community-based learning is integrated by attending public events. Power relations, structural inequities and resistance; understanding how we are positioned by/how we can position ourselves in relation to the past and present, anchor the course.


PEACJUST 2CS3 – Creating Social Change

From sit-ins to street theatre, reconciliation, peacebuilding and media campaigns, diverse modes of struggle against injustice abound. Using interdisciplinary anti-oppression approaches, this course examines strategies used around the world to foster social change.


PEACJUST 3CY3 – Children, Youth & Media

This course explores the relationship between media and diverse childhoods and youth, and takes up central debates, theories, and research. Core concerns involve media literacy; cultural, educational, and social policy; media analysis; identity, reception; social media and new technologies; and youth media production. Attention is paid to race, gender, sexuality, and culture throughout the course.


PEACJUST 3RR3 – Race, Religion and Media

This course examines historical constructions of different races and religions in the media, primarily film, television and the press, and asks how these constructions may manifest themselves in contemporary forms of media and in current events. Students will learn to deconstruct visual and written depictions across a variety of media.


PEACJUST 3V03 – Global Anglophone Literature and Film

A study of literature, film and other forms of popular culture by artists from South Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, and their overseas diasporas. Introduces students to theories of race, gender, sexuality, indigeneity, citizenship, and the nation as these take up histories of colonialism, imperialism, and globalization.


PEACJUST 3Y03: Race, Place & Geographies of Violence in Indigenous & Black Communities

From environmental racism and climate devastation to gentrification, public infrastructure inequalities and anti-Black and anti-Indigenous police violence, this course examines the legacy of spatial violence in urban and rural Indigenous and Black communities.


PEACJUST 4ST3: The Good, Bad and Ugly: Immigration and refugee issues in Canada today

This seminar course examines contemporary issues related to immigrant, refugee and diaspora communities in Canada. This includes a critical analysis of topics such as immigration/refugee policies, settlement experiences, xenophobia and racism, grassroots movements and community development, and identity and belonging.